sexta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2009

Fatos de Alta Tecnologia

Reunião da FINA para discutir polémica.

Será hoje, sexta-feira, em Lausanne, na Suiça.
A FINA vai tentar remediar um problema que ela mesmo criou. Ninguém sabe o que pode acontecer. Eliminar ou banir os trajes de alta tecnologia?
As marcas investiram muito dinheiro.

- Os recordes já batidos apagados? Impensável.

Assim a reunião, sobre fatos de natação de alta tecnologia, será mais para informar e regulamentar do que propriamente para proibir.

Julgamos nós!

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Em aditamento da notícia, comunicado da FINA:
PR85 - FINA Information on the update of the swimwear approval procedures
As previously announced, FINA is in the process of reviewing the procedures for swimwear approval, namely in the areas of the swimsuits’ material, thickness, use, shape and availability. For that, FINA has scheduled a meeting in Lausanne on February 20, 2009 inviting the swimwear manufacturers and the representatives of the FINA Technical Swimming Committee as well as FINA Athletes, Coaches and Legal Commissions.
On this occasion, an objective analysis of the issues which have recently been raised will be made and eventual solutions for the future will be studied.

To support the development and possible implementation of these solutions, FINA will rely on independent experts of high reputation.

After the outcome of the above mentioned meeting and if any scientific reports are available, FINA will then bring these conclusions to its Bureau meeting, to be held from March 12-14, 2009 in Dubai (UAE), in order to take appropriate action on this matter.

FINA underlines that the issue of swimwear approval is a complex one and needs to be considered in a careful manner. That is why FINA is looking for the collaboration of all the partners in this area, so that final decisions can be globally accepted and fully understandable by the Swimming worldwide community.

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Em resumo
quem pagar mais faz aprovar os seus interesses económicos